Completed Projects

1-Roads and Bridges Projects

No.Project NameLocation

Start Date

Completion Date

1Bridge of Bardestan and Bushehr-Lengeh roadBushehr Province19701973
2Big Bridge of MondBushehr Province19731976
3Bridges of Minab-Sirik roadHormozgan Province19731977
4Road of Shahreza-Behbahan, main roadIsfahan Province19741978
5Pedestrian Bridge of ChaloosChaloos19771978
6Bridges of Amol-Chelaw ring roadMazandaran Province19771982
7Road of Genaveh-Daylam, main roadBushehr Province19771983
8   Bridge and Boulevard of Varzaghan Chai Eastern Azerbaijan 1983 1985
9Bridges of the Main Roodan-SabzevaranKerman Province19821985
10Road of Ahar-Varzeqan, main roadEastern Azerbaijan19771987
11Big Bridge of Sefid RoodGilan Province19871990
12Bridge of Babolsar ring roadMazandaran Province19871991
13Big Bridge of Darreh Nargesi in Shiraz- Bushehr roadFars Province19891992
14Road of sides communicational for big bridge of Sefid roodGilan Province19891992
15Bridge of Chabahar ring roadKonarak19921994
16Pre-stressing of Tehran Milad tower foundationTehran19981998


2- Marine Works Projects

No.Project NameLocationStart DateCompletion Date
1East jetty of Imam PortKhuzestan Province19741976
2Breakwaters& Jetties of Kangan & Dayyer PortsBushehr Province19741977
3Jetties& Buildings in Chabahar Naval BaseKonarak19841988
4Multi-purpose jetties in Chabahar Naval BaseKonarak19841988
5Berth of Floating Duck in Chabahar Naval Base, Iran BandarKonarak19881991
6Berth of Ro-Ro& landing craft in Chabahar Naval BaseKonarak19891991
7Jetty of Foolad Hormozgan Steel Complex, Pre-stressing of Concrete box girderHomozagan Province19881992
8Commercial wharf of Kalantari PortSistan Province19891995
9Jetties& Breakwaters of Bandar Gaz, tourist PortGolestan Province19941996
10Jetty development of Lengeh PortBushehr19961997
11Jetty of Kaveh in Qeshm Island, PillingQeshm19981999

10 Berthes in Port development, including

several contracts in Anzali Commercial Port

135 Berthes, (Eastern+Western+Northen of Basin) including 2 contract in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone(PSEEZ) in Assaluyeh Service PortAssaluyeh20032005
14Jetty of passenger terminal in Anzali PortAnzali20112012
1510 Berthes, including several contracts in Amirabad Commercial Port, Basin no. 1, with Ro-Ro railway berth and Rail Ferry Link SpanMazandaran19962013
16Big Beakwaters(Eastern & Western Breakwater& Dykes) in Anzali PortAnzali20082015


3- Oil and Gas Projects

No. Project Name Location Start Date Completion Date
1 Fuel berth(for 80,000Ton Vessel) in PSEEZ Assaluyeh 2005 2007
2 Piling Works, Foundations& Pedestals In Flare Causeway Area (PHASE-12) in South Pars Bushehr 2011 2011
3 Piling Works, Foundations& Pedestals In Flare Causeway Area (PHASE-19) South Pars Bushehr 2011 2013

4- Pump Stations Projects

No. Project Name Location Start Date Completion Date
1 3 Pump stations in east of Karoon river (3 no. x 36m3/Sec) Ahvaz 1992 1997