Construction of Marine Structures


Pier, wharf, jetties, quay walls and Breakwaters.

28 FS

Types of Pier, wharf, jetties, quay walls and Breakwaters.


Piling & Drilling


Drilling, Piling, Sheet Piling & Cast in Situ Concrete

35 FS

Types of Drilling, Piling (Concrete & Steel), Sheet Piles & MONO Piles.


Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Structures

Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Structures, Bridges & Buildings

71 FS

Bridges, Buildings and so on, post-tensioned and pre-tensioned, applying D.S.I system specification; equipment and material for pre-stressing and post-tensioning works.

Heavy Reinforced Concrete Structures


Pump Station, Tower & Reservoir

24 FS

Heavy Reinforced Concrete Structures such as Pump Stations, Towers & Reservoirs.

Civil and Road Construction Works


Bridge, Road & Tunnel

Darreh Nargesi 01 FS 2

Various types of Bridges , Roads & Tunnels


Oil & Gas


Fuel Berth & Equipment installation


Various types of Fuel Berth with different Capacity & Equipment installation


sazman modiriat    We have received the following qualifications from Management and Planning Organization of I.R.IRAN :
  • Class 1 in the Field of Water, Subfield of Marine Structures, with 4 authorized activities.
  • Class 1 in the Field of Road & Transportations, with 4 authorized activities.
  • Class 5 in Oild & Gas Field, with 4 authorized activities

About Parham (Summary)

Parham Construction Company is one of the leading Iranian construction companies. Established in 1959, it has since been a reliable heavy civil engineering contractor in the Iranian market. With utilizing large fleet of construction plantsand deep foundation machinery's as well as technical expertise, Parham is capable of conducting all types of deep foundation works even at the hardest conditions onshore and offshore.

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