Works Name of Project
Period of Work
Anzali commercial port facility project. Aug. 1995 Ongoing Ministry of Roads and Transportation. Anzali, Iran
Chabahar General Cargo Jetty Project. Nov. 1990 Nov. 1997 Three Member Committee. Chabahar, Iran
Piling works for Kaveh Commercial Cargo Jetty. Mar. 1998 Oct.1999 Iran Petrochemical Marine Co. Qeshem Island, Iran
Amirabad Commercial Port Facilities. Mar. 1996 On going Ministry of Roads and Transportation Mazandaran, Iran
Construction of New Passenger Harbour, at Bandar Gaz. July 1994 Mar 1996 Ministry of Roads and Transportation. Bandar Gaz, Iran
Chabahar Multi Purpose Jetty. Sep.1988 Sep.1991 Three Member Committee. Chabahar, Iran
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