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Name of Project
Period of work
Description of work
Great Bridge over Sephid Rud River, Astaneh Ashrafieh and Rasht-Lahijan Road. Jun 1987 Mar 1990 Bridge length: 790M Width:25m Gilan, Iran

Darreh Narguessi Great Bridge, Shiraz-Busher Road.
July 1989 Aug 1991 Reconstruction of the 83M of the entire 153M of the Bridge Width:25M Busher, Iran
Mond Great Bridge, on Bushehr-Kangan Road. 1973 1975 Bridge length: 760M Busher, Iran
Chabahar Ring Road Bridge. May 1992 Aug 1994 Bridge length: 100M Width:25.6m Chabahar, Iran
Babolsar Ring Road Bridge. July 1988 Mar 1991 Bridge length: 96M Width:25m Mazandaran, Iran
Astaneh Ashrafieh, Ring Road and Bridges Mar 1989 July 1992 Construction of Road; Length:500M Width:9-25.6M Construction of 10 Bridge & Culverts Drainage works Gilan, Iran
Rudan-Sabzevaran Main Road Bridges. July 1978 Jan 1985 2 Bridges:390M Width: 9M Kerman, Iran
Amol and Chelave Ring Road. Nov 1978 Mar 1982 Roads Length interconnecting the 3 Bridges: 329M 3 Bridges:390M Mazandaran, Iran
Guenaveh-Deylam Main Road. Mar 1978 Aug 1983 Construction of 2 lane Road Length:67.3KM Width:8 M Construction of 72 Bridge & Culverts Busher,Iran
Ahar-Varzaghan Main Road. July 1978 July 1988 Construction of 2 lane Road Length:41.8KM Width:8.6 M Construction of 127 Minor Bridge & Culverts Eastern Azarbiajan, Iran
Shahreza Behbahan MainRoad, Phase 2. July 1974 July 1977 Construction of 2 lane Road Length:34KM Width:11.42M (including shoulder on each side 2m) Construction of 89 Minor Bridge & Culverts Isfahan,Iran

No. 31 Varshow St., Nejatollahi Avenue,
Tehran 15986, Iran Tel. (0098 21)-890-1799, 890-3389, 890-0669,
Fax (0098 21)-890-5378